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Sonomo County, CA Nuisance Wildlife Control|Rodents, Bats, Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums and more

If you’re living in Sonoma County and are facing wildlife problems, then you’ll be delighted to hear that we service this wonderful part of California!

We’re happy to bring our services to the half a million people living in Sonoma County, and we’re looking forward to helping them solve all their wildlife problems. We’re eager to quickly remove the animals so that you can go back to enjoying the county’s perfect weather and beautiful scenery.

Mighty Men Wildlife Trapping is here for you, whether you live in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Windsor, or any of the other cities and towns in the county.


Skunk Removal

Problematic Animals

Sonoma County is a big place, so there are many animals running around the area. Some, like the deer, are beautiful to look at, and they’ll never even dream of bothering you. Others, like the jackrabbit, are busy out in nature and aren’t likely to cause you much harm. Yet there are those who constantly make people’s lives much harder, and they’re the ones we’ll be focusing on.

Here are just a handful of the little pests we can take care of for you.


Bat Removal


Bats are some of the worst animals that can invade your home. These animals are a source of many diseases like rabies, and they even carry a bunch of parasites that can hurt you and your family.

Bats are also known for ruining your home, as they leave plenty of droppings lying around. These pests can even ruin your insulation, and they can cause a number of other problems for you.

Opossum Control


Opossums are another big problem, and they’re known to bother people all throughout the US.

Let it be said that opossums aren’t the worst animals out there, and they can even have some benefits. They almost never get rabies and are great at killing ticks. That said, they still carry fleas and a number of other diseases, so they end up being more trouble than they’re worth.


Gophers can cause plenty of headaches. If you’re into gardening, then these animals might be your worst nightmare. They’ll dig their way into your yard to steal some of your crops, making a big mess of the place in the process. They’re even known to chew on underground wiring and pipes, which can then cause outages in your home.

Skunk Removal


Skunks can be a nightmare to deal with. They carry plenty of diseases, and the CDC even calls them one of the most common reservoirs for rabies. That’s not even mentioning how unpleasant the smell of their spray is, or how it’s headache-inducing and can even blind you if it gets in your eyes. If you’d like to learn more information about skunks visit skunkpestcontrol.com

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We here at Mighty Men Wildlife Trapping have plenty of experience working in California, so we’re familiar with all the do’s and don’ts of the state. As a result, we can deliver a fantastic service that’ll remove the animals and will treat them in accordance with the ethics of the state. So if you’re tired of all those animals bothering you, make sure to contact us now to learn more about our services!