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Rat Removal

Rats are widely regarded as the worst of all wildlife household pests in the world, plaguing homeowners and businesses for years. They are incredibly adaptive, able to resist almost any attempt to remove or exterminate them due to their excellent memories, resulting in a never-ending struggle to control them.

Co-existence with rats is virtually impossible given their nature as scavengers and the ability to cause immense damage to properties and health. Rats are well known as spreaders of many different harmful diseases, either by transporting ticks, fleas, or parasites or via their urine and feces.

Although their diets tend to vary based on location, like many rodents, rats will eat almost anything, whether it is fit for human consumption or otherwise. They also have the same kind of teeth as other rodents; long, sharp, and constantly growing, which is why they chew on hard objects or surfaces to keep them maintained. This could be anything from wood and electrical wiring to even metals like lead, and if left too long they could weaken the structural integrity of whatever they are chewing, or cause fires to break out.

Much like the mouse, removing rats requires patience because it can be a long process due to their ability to adapt to anything you throw at them. Actually removing the rats from your home can be especially difficult given their ability to exist within the attic and walls. Even then, the most important thing to consider to stop a future infestation is to make your house as unwelcoming as possible for them.

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Rat Prevention

Preventing rats from entering your home involves three primary steps: keeping it clean, a thorough inspection, and exclusion.

Restrict access to any possible food source in and around your home, including pet food and garbage, using tightly sealed containers whenever possible. Anything in storage should preferably be above ground level, to make it even harder for them to reach it. Also, consider installing door sweeps and screens on your windows.

Sanitation is also particularly important, which means keeping your home as clean as possible all year round both inside and out. Less clutter means rats have fewer places to hide, and even the smallest crumb of food could be enough to tempt a rat into your home. This also extends to your yard or garden; make sure you regularly clean any fallen berries or seeds.


Once your home has been cleaned, conduct a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home and look for any possible gaps or holes around half an inch in size that rats could use to get inside. If you know you have rats, there will likely be signs of use around these entrances, such as scratch marks.

With these identified, you will need to make sure to seal all the gaps you have found with sturdy materials that they cannot chew through. Be warned, however, that you should only do this if you know with 100% certainty that there are no rats already in your home, as sealing them in will give you even more headaches.

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Rat Trapping and Repellants

By sealing up any gaps and storing food sources away, you make your home far less hospitable for rats. But in the event that you do get rat visitors, you will need to act fast to try and trap them before they become an unstoppable colony.

That said, you should make sure not to use poisons. Not only are they extremely harmful if consumed by pets or children, but removing dead rats is an even less enjoyable experience and needs to be done swiftly to stop the corpse from rotting and giving you more problems. Poisons also do not actually stop other rats from coming inside.

Instead, use both traps and repellants, rather than one or the other. As mentioned, rats are experts at adapting, and even the best repellant method will not always work on rats. However, when combined with properly placed and baited traps, they can be effective at deterring future rats. Live traps are a humane option as well as snap traps, but whichever you decide to go with be aware that you may need a lot of them to deal with your infestation.

Once you have removed the infestation, make sure you then do a sweep of wherever you think they were nesting and thoroughly clean and disinfect them to remove any harmful urine or feces that may still cause damage and health problems later down the line.


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